6 Incredible Innovations that Will Change the Feature of Online Store Websites

New technology and innovations will offer better user experience and help you increase your sales. Here are 6 incredible innovations that will change the feature of your online store website!

Online platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, and others have absolutely changed the way online store and brands reach out to you today. It is expected that online marketplace might cross $50 billion mark by the end of this year. The boosted internet penetration and the mobile users will indicate the beginning of new opportunities in the e-commerce marketplaces in the future days.

So, since the e-commerce marketplace is increasing it is quite obvious that innovation and the new technology will offer better user experience and help you increase your sales.

In this article, we are going to present you the most incredible innovations that will change the feature of online store websites.

Shipping and Delivery
Smarter chat bots

This is not something new and we have been utilizing them for some time now, mainly for interaction. But, the chatbots that we use today will go through a transformation and will change the entire ecommerce picture that persists now. For example, just imagine that a certain user wants to purchase a bad online and this user can type the preferred product in the chatbot and immediately find the best deal. The chatbots will be improved and integrated with a voice search so that the online user will be motivated to come back and purchase more stuff.

Social Commerce
Introduction of drones

The future of logistics is incredible. Believe it or not, soon you will receive your order by a drone which informs when it reached the end address. A lot of companies are already investing in drones so that shipping and delivery in 100 km radius are really possible using these devices.

Smarter Chat Bots
Social commerce

Social media is a very important part of our everyday lives. It is a very popular medium to use to reach out to new visitors and potential buyers. Free ecommerce websites are including social media into their business and in that way you can interact with the customer support directly. This makes customer support better and a lot convenient for both customers and retailers.

Smartphone Buying Experience
Personalized ads

 Very soon the ads of retail stores will be user-generated and high-quality videos. The customers can easily upload videos with the products they have bought and upload them directly to the online store website of the retailer. This new trend is expected to become popular and will definitely help you attract a lot of new customers.

Smart Shopping Carts
Smartphone evolution

The online customers use various devices to purchase products from you. They easily switch from one device to another while purchasing online. The device-driven analytics will provide you with the right information about a certain buyer and will give you better deals. This is incredible as it not only give online sellers an insight into the behavior of their customers but it also personalizes and assesses the overall buying experience. 

Personalized Ads
Smart shopping carts to comparison

The truth is that we all look for the best promotions and deals online before we decide to purchase a certain product. There are some shopping carts that show you the best deals on the web. Well, today, the best deals come to you automatically. Yes, there are websites that compare the feature, as well as, the price online while we add the product we like before we make the final purchase decision. These better and smarter shopping carts can help you find the best discounts, best prices, coupons, special offers, promotions, and etc.

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