4 Reasons to Choose Woo-Commerce to Build Your Free E-commerce Website

4 Reasons to Choose Woo-Commerce to Build Your Free E-commerce Website

Creating an online business is both profitable and fun. The modern-day shoppers are pressed for time, and so they want to buy products online and get them delivered to their doorstep. There are numerous platforms to build your free e-commerce websites, such as Joomla and Magento. However, the WooCommerce platform is, by far, the best because it does not require in-depth coding knowledge to create your e-commerce website with it. This article talks about WooCommerce and why it’s the best e-commerce website builder to create your free e-commerce:

  • WooCommerce is the best free e-commerce website builder when it comes to data analysis

When business owners run their online businesses, they focus a lot on the number of orders made every day, the number of visitors to the site, and shipment and delivery time frames.  WooCommerce integrates with the whole supply chain and provides a comprehensive analysis of your business processes on the website dashboard. From the analysis, you can determine whether your online business is running at a profit or loss.

  • WooCommerce free e-commerce website builder is a secure platform

Shoppers always feel confident if their private data is kept secret by the web host. Because WooCommerce is a product of WordPress, which is known for reliability and security, shoppers can quickly fill their information during checkout process with a piece of mind. The good thing about WooCommerce is that it provides real-time updates on the security of your e-commerce website to ensure that your e-commerce website is always secure.

  • Woo-commerce free e-commerce website builder comes with many themes

An eye-catching e-commerce website is key to attracting and retaining customers. To keep customers, you need to take advantage of the numerous templates available on WooCommerce. The templates can be edited according to your preferred color, size, and shape to bring out your brand personality. Based on the understanding of your customer’s preference, you can customize the shopping cart, redesign the checkout process and product listing.

  • WooCommerce free e-commerce website builder is user-friendly

E-commerce website builders are created with users in mind; which is why they are user-friendly. WooCommerce comes with a user-friendly interface to enable anyone to create their online store easily and fast.


WooCommerce can help you build out a great free e-commerce website to sell your products. Although it’s an open platform, you can design your e-commerce website professionally by choosing the best theme from the library of themes available on the platform. Plus, it comes with mobile-friendly capability, which means your free e-commerce website will be viewed clearly on all devices including mobile.

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