Top 4 Open Source Free E-commerce Website Builders

Top 4 Open Source Free E-commerce Website Builders

Today, e-commerce is rapidly becoming the backbone of most businesses. That explains why there is a scramble by business owners to build online platforms to meet the desires of the modern day shopper. The main aim of any business is to maximize profits while reducing costs. Open source e-commerce web builders help business owners achieve that. Open source web builders save you the cost of hiring a web designer to build a custom design website. Here is a list of some of the best open source free e-commerce website builders to contemplate:

  1. OpenCart free e-commerce website builder

Although OpenCart platform is minimalistic, it comes with a great design. It also comes with a huge array of templates to choose from. Templates make the design of your e-commerce website sparkle. One key aspect of OpenCart e-commerce website builder is that it’s translated into various languages to enable any customer from any part of the world to understand your product content. It’s multicurrency, which means any customer can easily make a transaction with their preferred currency.

  1. Spree Commerce is another common free e-commerce website builder

Spree Commerce’s main characteristic is affordability. If you don’t want to use the free version, you can choose an affordable paid plan. It comes with a library of templates to make your e-commerce website attractive. Web developers like using Spree Commerce, as it’s embedded with selected codes, which makes programmers’ work easier. In essence, they can quickly build a website with customer’s specifications. The good part about Spree Commerce website builder is that it can be translated into more than 30 languages, making it easy for any shopper around the world to interact with the platform.

  1. WooCommerce free e-commerce website builder

About a third of online stores run on WooCommerce. That makes it the most popular free e-commerce website builder. WooCommerce comes with the best themes uniquely identified as woo-themes. They are so eye-catching that large corporations use them to beautify their website designs.

  1. X cart open source free e-commerce website builder

Xcart is a common tool to launch your e-commerce store for free. It is a preferable open source web builder by retailers. The advantage to X Cart is that it comes with a lifetime license and has both installable and hosted options to choose from. It also comes with customization options to tweak any site to a customer’s preference.


When choosing a free e-commerce website builder, always keep your target customer in mind. Always select a free website builder that will help you create an e-commerce platform that will appeal to customers. These free e-commerce website builders will go a long way towards helping you achieve that.

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